There are three elements​​ in life and in business that play a key role in the success we desire to see. The emotional, logistical and financial aspects are all working together to make your results possible.

Here, the sum is greater than the parts, and so it is with your goals. Each one of these elements influence one another when things are going well, and when a specific area needs to be strengthened.

The very best practices and solutions will follow through each one of these areas so they can seamlessly work together to build upward momentum and growth, each and every day.

How these areas work together to create positive results - everywhere - is my prime focus in helping you scale your business to reach its highest peak.


My story in becoming a business consultant started many years ago after working for 65 private and public companies, as well as owning a small painting company. It wasn't until 2010, that my unique ideas for business started to take hold.

After finishing the draft for my first upcoming book on positive relationships titled, "A Place Where We Love To Be," which covers many different facets of life and how they influence each other, a simple idea I had produced some annual growth numbers for two very large companies (with no expenses out of pocket) that couldn't easily be ignored.

It was then that I decided to fully develop some very easy to follow relationship  guidelines that could be applied to any business (along with my sales formula) to increase the health, wealth and happiness of everyone involved, covering many different areas at the same time... Hence, the concept for One Full Circle Consulting was born.

A list of some of the companies and organizations I have volunteered and worked for as a base employee and a manager can be seen on the Clients page; as well as my direct experience with consulting, so far.

The various categories of business I have been involved with cover: Retail, Travel, Entertainment, Home Improvement, Hospitality, Food Service, Banking, Warehouse, Health and Home Care, Mentoring, Family Mediation, Education and more.

I have purposely left out a few roles and organizations where categories overlap, or where involvement was on a very short-term basis.


​This is accomplished by taking a bird's eye view of the positive principles that work for any business. Together, we tailor make them specific for your goals,  based upon what you've experienced logistically - on the ground - which is exactly where they need to be placed.

Although solutions can sometimes seem challenging to put into place at first, my approach places a solution into a specific area so it will have the most impact on all of the other parts of your business at the same time.

​Once you see how many areas can be enhanced by a simple solid decision, the energy and motivation you need - to take the next step - is already in place.

This more holistic centered approach will work wonders for any choices you decide to make in the future, as well.

             A Good Fortune Enterprise.

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